Weekend Wrap-up: July 17

The Road Trip I made a trip that I haven’t made in over a year. Each turn and curve of the road revealed a familiar scene, barely changed. The highway is smoother in spots and rougher in others. Some of the roadside stores are overgrown, victims of the past year’s events. Fuel is more expensiveContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: July 17”

Weekend Wrap-up: July 3 – Out of this World

It was World UFO Day yesterday and I missed it. I was busy working on my Quantum Lithium Injectors – they get so clogged with dark matter if you forget to engage the Resonance Field Relays. That’s my one beef with Universal Hyper-Vehicles: the RFRs should be automatic, but they still insist on a manualContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: July 3 – Out of this World”

Weekend Wrap-up: June 26 – On the Eve of my Second Shot

Tomorrow I will be getting my second shot. Due to shortages, could be Pfizer, could be Moderna. Whatever. It’s like going to to a restaurant (which I’ll be able to do, but I’m in no rush) and asking for Coke and getting Pepsi. Mix it with enough rum and even Pepsi is tolerable. Are shortagesContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: June 26 – On the Eve of my Second Shot”

Weekend Wrap-up: June 19 – On the Eve of the Solstice

Tomorrow is the longest day of the year for everyone in the northern latitudes. North of the Arctic circle, that means the sun doesn’t dip below the horizon. As you move south, night creeps in, although twilight is a better term. The longest period of daylight that I have experienced is about 20 hours. IContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: June 19 – On the Eve of the Solstice”

Weekend Wrap-up: June 12

Just a quick recap before I start my day: From my blog this week Thursday Thoughts: Poem to Story – One of my poems inspired a short story. Weird Wednesday: June 9 – Cartoons and Aliens – Conspiracy theory anyone? Tuesday Tirade: The Trouble with Teens (the numbers, not the kids) – Math mayhem MusicContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: June 12”

Weekend Wrap-up: June 5

I’ve been trying to write everyday. At least something. Blogging helps because it gives me a schedule of weekly topics. My main writing project, a continuation of one of me short stories into a full length novel, moves ahead like a sputtering car, slow but sometimes jumping ahead in spurts. If I’m stuck, I willContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: June 5”

Weekend Wrap-up: May 28

Quick! How many days in May? August? What about March? Can you instantly recall that information? You are lucky. I sure can’t. If you are like me, you had to start to recite: “Thirty days, has September, April, June…” and once you eliminated those ones, you came to the answer of 31. Did you knowContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: May 28”

Weekend Wrap-up: April 17

Wow. Sixteen poems so far. Has it been difficult? Yes and no. Sometimes the prompts from NaPoWriMo seem a bit too specific, but they are just suggestions and I have taken some liberties with them. A few of them I knocked out fairly quick, most took a bit of brainwork. Here are the first 2Continue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: April 17”