Weekend Wrap-up Nov 26:

I wrote a post every day this week: Free (on sale) Book Friday Nov 25: Marketing plans that work.Thursday Thoughts: Either Or (Or, what I’ve learned after watching a World Cup game . . . oops, match)Weird Wednesday Nov. 23: Football to FibonacciTuesday Tirade: Flash Sales and Extra PunctuationMusic Monday Nov. 21: I Got Nothin’Sunday … Continue reading Weekend Wrap-up Nov 26:

Weekend Wrap-up Nov 19: CFL Fun Facts (well … facts)

If you read yesterday's pos—I did not.OK, this was it: https://linesbyleon.com/2022/11/18/free-book-friday-nov-19-a-cfl-primer/ Now that you have rea—I'm not done yet.[silence]OK. Done. Now that you have read it, here are some other CFL facts you may not know: This year is the 109th Grey Cup game. That's a lot of years. The Grey Cup has been broken … Continue reading Weekend Wrap-up Nov 19: CFL Fun Facts (well … facts)

Weekend Wrap-up Nov 12: Gray Days

After a few snowy days, inspiration pays an overdue visit. -Leon Free Book Friday Nov 11: Books and Snow and Blizzards. Oh my!Thursday Thoughts: Unconventional Marketing Strategies- What works or probably doesn't Weird Wednesday Nov. 9: Cartoons/SportsTuesday Thoughts: Unofficial ReviewsMusic Monday Nov. 7: Arkells

Weekend Wrap-up Oct 29: Time? Who has that?

I haven't had much time to blog/write this week—or this month for that matter. I am frantically trying to finish the finally book of my sci-fi trilogy—Frantically? Really?Well, maybe not frantically, but I'd like to to be complete before the end of the year.What about participating in NaNoWriMo?That's too much pressure, but I do try … Continue reading Weekend Wrap-up Oct 29: Time? Who has that?

Weekend Wrap-up Oct 22: Paperback Update

If you read last weekend's wrap up, then you know I had some issues (again) with Amazon. https://linesbyleon.com/2022/10/15/weekend-wrap-up-oct-15-dont-buy-my-paperback-yet/ After doing some research on the weekend, another author suggested republishing my book, which I did, which corrected the error. The price for the paperback on the Canadian site is now correct at $9.71.Then on Monday I received … Continue reading Weekend Wrap-up Oct 22: Paperback Update