Tuesday Tirade: What Frustrates You?

Angry cats are funnier than angry dogs…

Do you find things frustrating? Oh boy. I sure do. But I have a pretty calm demeanor, so I don’t usually get worked up about too much, especially things that I have very little control over. That being said, let’s get into a few things that ruffle my feathers.

  1. Amazon reviews: I’ve focused some ire in the past toward “The Behemoth”, and I find this equally annoying. Amazon has different platforms for every major country in the world. If a reader in the UK leaves a review for one of my books, someone in another country won’t necessarily see it. But wait. What about global reviews? I have sent many emails to customer service, KDP, and Author Central, and have never received a clear explanation on why some author’s books show reviews from other countries and others do not.
  2. Irresponsible dog owners: It’s springtime. The snow melts. What is revealed? You guessed it: Dog poop. Shame on you. And not just dog poop, dog poop in bags. Really? You scoop it up and just leave the bag? Not acceptable. You got the dog, you clean up after it. That’s your job.
  3. Dog owners (Part 2): There are off-leash parks for a reason. Oh, I know you are proud of how well trained it is, walking beside you, but any animal is unpredictable. Unofficial trails within the city, are still within the city. Case in point: In the winter, one of the small rivers that run through the city, freezes over and is used as a walking/biking/skiing/snowshoeing trail. Now I know that you want your dog to get exercise and have a change to blow the stink off, but when a dog runs toward me, I’m not impressed. I like dogs. I walk a dog on a regular basis (a Pomeranian) and I have had to pick her up several times when off-leash dogs have come running over. Maybe they just want to play, but as I mentioned, all animals are unpredictable and it’s not fair if one dog is on a leash and the other is not, regardless of size. One winter, three dogs ran toward me, their owner calling them back (they didn’t listen), and I used my snowshoe poles to stop them from jumping on me. I didn’t hit them or anything, but pointed them in their direction. If your dogs don’t come back to you instantly, they shouldn’t be off-leash.
  4. Walkers (when I’m cycling): Did you forget how to walk over the winter? The multi-use path has a line right down the center. Don’t walk on the wrong side. If there are two or more walking abreast (no one likes to be behind the conversation, I get it), be prepared for me to ask you to more over – don’t give me the stink-eye when I do. Please acknowledge the you hear me so I don’t repeat myself louder. And don’t get mad if I startle you. It is a multi-use path. Yes, I do cycle on the sidewalk occasionally, but then, I always give walkers the right of way.

I think that’s enough for today. i just sent another query to Amazon so I’ll keep you updated.