Tuesday Tidbits: It’s a Small World

When I first went to Disneyworld (or is it Disneyland? I can never remember which one is which), anyway, the one in Florida, I went with a college buddy and his parents in an RV. Now I know what you are thinking—that sounds like a fun time, but hey, it didn’t cost me anything forContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: It’s a Small World”

Second Chance Sunday: The 100 Mile (160 km) Staycation

This is not an old post, but it does fit in in with the theme of second chances. When you walk down your local street, do you see anything interesting? Take that same street, put it in a town you have never been to, and everything is suddenly exciting, isn’t it? Last year for sureContinue reading “Second Chance Sunday: The 100 Mile (160 km) Staycation”