Thursday Thoughts: Beware of the Digital Horde

When I purchased my laptop 3 years ago, I always had grand plans to keep things neat and organized. No need to clutter the desktop, right? Get rid of unneeded files in a timely fashion. Make easily identified folders—and folders within folders (which of course have folders inside). Label files with clear and concise names.Continue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Beware of the Digital Horde”

Thursday Thoughts: Eve of the Eve

About a year ago, stores were open only for essential items, so yeah, no Christmas shopping. I sold more of my merchandise on some local online platforms, as people panicked to keep some semblance of normalcy. I appreciate that consumers supported local producers, but I’m sure that the larger behemoths benefited more (Jeff got aContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Eve of the Eve”

Thursday Thoughts: The Last Two Years

Two years ago, the world was starting to see the affects of a new coronavirus. It travelled rapidly around the world, despite attempts to quell the spread. We washed our hands, wiped down our purchases, donned masks, stayed at home, severed physical ties with friends and family, begged governments to take action, then fought overContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: The Last Two Years”

Thursday Thoughts / Inktober Day 28: No Thoughts at All…

“Doug Jines likes his bacon crisp.” If you know where that comes from, congratulations, you are in an elite group. Well, maybe not elite, but less that most people will recognize the reference. All previous drawings: Thursday Thoughts:  Ever have no thoughts at all? Some times it’s easy and we don’t even have toContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts / Inktober Day 28: No Thoughts at All…”

Thursday Thoughts/ Inktober Day 21 (Fuzzy): The Last Great Year.

All previous drawings: Thursday Thoughts: The Last Great Year? No answers here, just a whole lot of questions. Are our lives better now than they were a decade ago? Two? Do we need to go further back? At risk of sounding like the stereotypical comedic grandparent (of which I am not): “I remember when…”Continue reading “Thursday Thoughts/ Inktober Day 21 (Fuzzy): The Last Great Year.”

Short Stories: Minimalist Reading and Writing

I write like I read. I don’t like reading long, drawn-out descriptions of characters and settings, and I’ll often skim the paragraph for the essential points. Always? No, it all depends on the author. This is why, more than likely, that I primarily write short stories. A writer doesn’t have the luxury of pages toContinue reading “Short Stories: Minimalist Reading and Writing”

A Poem: Wishful Thinking

Just a quick thought this morning: Two days inAnd everything seems status quoFingers crossed and hopeful thoughtsOnly 363 days left to go -Leon Leon Stevens is a composer, artist, and author of two books (so far): Lines by Leon: Poems, Prose, and Pictures and The Knot at the End of the Rope and Other ShortContinue reading “A Poem: Wishful Thinking”

Thursday Thoughts: Ego

I did a post last week on bullying: The Bullying Battle. There are so many reasons for the way people act the way we do; all behavior serves a purpose. I wrote a series of poems about ego, and I thought that I would share one with you. Ego (Part II) An ego is aContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Ego”

Music Monday: So Many Genres

Music was the earliest form of artistic creation. It brought together people to share traditions and relay important cultural ideals. Do you know anyone who doesn’t like some form of music? Keep thinking… Well? That’s right. I think that it is extremely rare. And with so many styles of music to choose from, it’s difficultContinue reading “Music Monday: So Many Genres”

Thursday Thought: Why Aren’t People Polite?

I suppose I should say, why aren’t people more polite, because there are more polite people in the world than not, right? I hope so. Politeness is an art. It is a skill. It is a learned behavior. Ahh, that’s the root, isn’t it? Politeness is learned, and like anything, you must choose to learnContinue reading “Thursday Thought: Why Aren’t People Polite?”