Super Bowl Sunday: Do you care?

In high school, I would get together with my buddies and watch NFL football, because that what you watched. Not the CFL (Canadian football) or soccer. Those weren’t the cool ones. What about wrestling?Oh, wrestling, of course. That was cool.Hockey?Yup. My favorite team was the Washington Redskins, now renamed as the Commanders. Why where theyContinue reading “Super Bowl Sunday: Do you care?”

Thursday Thoughts: Here we go again!

On Tuesday, the opening ceremonies for the Paralympics took place. Like the other ceremonies, I flicked back and forth until eventually I saw my countries athletes enter. One of the highlights of the Olympic games for me was always how the torch was going to be lit. The most memorable ones were, Mohamed Ali inContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Here we go again!”

Thursday Thoughts: The Return – A Poem (and The Olympics – Part 10)

Last night, I was inspired to write a poem which I scrawled in the margins of the crossword puzzle I was doing. The Return I thought I caught a glimpse Of you from afar I don’t know how long it’s been Since you graced my presence Hoping for a visit But hopes dashed In aContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: The Return – A Poem (and The Olympics – Part 10)”

Weird Wednesday: The Olympics – Part 9?

Like everything in life, there is a hierarchy. So, in the Olympics there is as well. What is the premier event? If you watched the women’s and men’s 100m race, then your question was answered. The lights go down. A hush fills the stadium (easier with no spectators). Light show, moving graphics on the track,Continue reading “Weird Wednesday: The Olympics – Part 9?”

Tuesday Tidbits: The Olympics Part 8: That’s just mean.

I noticed a few things while watching the Olympics. To exit the stadium after racing in the heat and humidity, the runners are required to walk up 3 flights of stairs to the waiting media. If you have ever run a marathon, or for whatever reason done some all-out sprints, you will know the lastContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: The Olympics Part 8: That’s just mean.”

Thursday Thoughts: The Olympics – Part 4: Tired of them yet?

If you are not a sports fan, then the answer is yes. For these people, their favorite shows have been preempted, and every channel seems to have somebody racing or competing. If you are a casual sports fan, then you are probably getting a chance to watch some interesting sports. In an earlier post, IContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: The Olympics – Part 4: Tired of them yet?”

Weird Wednesday: The Olympics – Part 3

In most team sports winning gold and bronze are worth celebrating, but that second-place silver is a punch in the gut. Watch the final game between third and fourth place and see an ecstatic group of players winning the third-place bronze medal. Then watch the gold medal game to see a dejected bunch of silverContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: The Olympics – Part 3”

Tuesday Tidbits: The Olympics Part 2: Amateur vs. Professional

When the NHL decided not to send their players to the Seoul Olympics, there was a group that benefited: The amateurs. For many, this was going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Imagine playing in the minors knowing that making it in the big leagues was a long shot at best but gettingContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: The Olympics Part 2: Amateur vs. Professional”

Weird Wednesday: Spectator Sports

From early on in history there have been spectator sports. Although are not all sports meant to be viewed by spectators? Why else would you go and chase a ball around on a field? Watching sports is a personal choice. Some may see it as a waste of time (five hours times four days =Continue reading “Weird Wednesday: Spectator Sports”

Monday Musings – Golf. Not as boring as Baseball?

Did you watch the US Open yesterday? Golf is an odd sport to watch. For the most part, it’s the same thing with different players, as the coverage switches from group to group until near the end of the tournament, there are less and less players on the course, so there are more and moreContinue reading “Monday Musings – Golf. Not as boring as Baseball?”