Thursday Thoughts: Tropes

I have to (want to) write a new book. There is only one problem: What’s an original trope?Umm, what the heck is a trope?A trope is the general theme of the plot. There are 7 plots/tropes: Overcoming the Monster, Rags to Riches, The Quest, Voyage and Return, Comedy, Tragedy, Rebirth. Obviously each plot can beContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Tropes”

Weird Wednesday Jan 11: Word Count

When I finished the last chapter of my novella, The Final View, I did a word count. The result? 28,000. Now that’s a fun experience. But then one of my beta readers spotted an error and now it’s 28 001. That’s like trying to squeeze a bit more gas into the tank and having toContinue reading “Weird Wednesday Jan 11: Word Count”

Free Book Friday Dec 30: Ch-ch-ch-changes.

As of today, my short story collection, The Knot at the End of the Rope and Other Short Stories, is no longer available on Kindle Unlimited. I took it out so that I can offer it for free for any one who signs up for my weekly newsletter. It is still available to purchase onContinue reading “Free Book Friday Dec 30: Ch-ch-ch-changes.”

Free Book Friday Dec 23

Is promoting the work of other authors a lot of work? Yes. But it is worth it. Each writer has a readership, but those readers are not only going to read one author’s books exclusively. As a perk for signing up for a newsletter, readers get exposed to authors they may never have heard ofContinue reading “Free Book Friday Dec 23”

Free Book Friday Dec 16: How much is too much?

How much of myself am I willing to give away for free? That’s what writer’s and authors always ask themselves when deciding how to market their books. If you publish on Amazon, that number is 10% for Kindle, 20% for physical copy (no idea why the paperback would require more). I think readers should beContinue reading “Free Book Friday Dec 16: How much is too much?”

Free Book Friday Dec 9: Words for the sake of words

The first book of my science fiction trilogy is ~30k words. Book two is slightly longer. Now, it makes sense for all three books to be about the same length. The problem is: Book three, currently in progress, is shorter. The story is done, and it’s not long enough, and I don’t like adding wordsContinue reading “Free Book Friday Dec 9: Words for the sake of words”

Free Book Friday Dec 2: The moment you’ve been waiting for?

Maybe not the moment, but a moment, right? With the second book of my science fiction trilogy out and the final installment to be released in April, I decided that it was time to put The View from Here on sale. Don’t like trilogies? Don’t want to have to read the next books? Not toContinue reading “Free Book Friday Dec 2: The moment you’ve been waiting for?”

Free (on sale) Book Friday Nov 25: Marketing plans that work.

Finally. I tried something that worked. Don’t you hate it when you buy something and then the next day it goes on sale? Then you have to go back to the store and show the crumpled receipt you dredged from the trash, to which two things will happen: No, that second one doesn’t happen, doesContinue reading “Free (on sale) Book Friday Nov 25: Marketing plans that work.”

Thursday Thoughts: Either Or (Or, what I’ve learned after watching a World Cup game . . . oops, match)

Either football players are either very, very good … actors? Or, Football players are very, very …fragile? Here’s a [clears throat] true story [rolls eyes]. I was at the store the other day when another customer passed me in the aisle, their long coat brushing against my leg. I immediately dropped to the floor clutchingContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Either Or (Or, what I’ve learned after watching a World Cup game . . . oops, match)”

Free Book Friday Nov 19: A CFL Primer

The Vince Lombardi Trophy (football on a stick), the Stanley Cup (perfect for drinking beer or champagne from), the World Series trophy (way too many pokey things to stab yourself on), the World Cup (a true world series), whatever the NBA gives out, The ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy (I had to look that oneContinue reading “Free Book Friday Nov 19: A CFL Primer”