Free Book Friday Feb 10: In Conversation with M.K. Weaving

M.K. Weaving was born and raised in Finland in a very small village with no street lights. She now lives in Florida with her husband. She collects seashells and takes photos of the tropical beaches in Southern Florida. M.K. loves sci-fi and classic films, and has always loved writing and all things creative. Many ofContinue reading “Free Book Friday Feb 10: In Conversation with M.K. Weaving”

Free Book Friday Feb 3: Brrr…

Depending on where you are, you might think it’s cold, and depending where you are, you might be wrong … or right. What people can tolerate is relative to what they are used to, which is why when it hits the freezing point, out come the winter coats or the t-shirts. The first time itContinue reading “Free Book Friday Feb 3: Brrr…”

Free Book Friday Jan 27: Review copies are free books, right?

Why are there no new promos this week? If you are a reader, you might be asking that. Well, not that there is any reason behind it, but most month long promos start on, well, the beginning of the month, so, yeah, I guess that it a good reason. Easy to keep track of andContinue reading “Free Book Friday Jan 27: Review copies are free books, right?”

Terse Verse Tuesday: Poems and Tirades

I like the convenience of eBooks, but they sure do mess up poetry, especially if you want to place pictures along with them. Formatting poetry is difficult enough in a word document. Often each page needs to be made into a new section if you want the text to be in a different configuration, butContinue reading “Terse Verse Tuesday: Poems and Tirades”

Free Book Friday Jan 20: Free Books and Supermarket Samples

If an author gives you a free book, what are the chances you will purchase another from them? Well, if you don’t like it because of the story, excessive use of profanity, content, poor (or no) editing, or it’s not your preferred genre, then the chances are zero. It’s like those free samples at theContinue reading “Free Book Friday Jan 20: Free Books and Supermarket Samples”

Weekend Wrap-up Jan 14: Superstitious Feeling*

If you are a superstitious person, then you are probably breathing a sigh of relief this morning for making it through Friday the 13th.The movie?No. Not the movie.You know there were like 18 of them.18? that seems a little high. Let me check.Well?There were 12.Hmmm. Room for one more I suppose. You know, Jamie LeeContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up Jan 14: Superstitious Feeling*”

Free Book Friday Jan 13: In Conversation returns! With Patrick Johns.

In Conversation With: Patrick Johns Born and raised in Ramsey, New Jersey, Patrick Johns attended university at Virginia Tech, obtaining an engineering and mathematics degree. Go Hokies! However, writing is Patrick’s true passion. After writing his first novel, Junkland, the first book in The Hoarding series, Patrick left his engineering job to teach English overseas.Continue reading “Free Book Friday Jan 13: In Conversation returns! With Patrick Johns.”

Terse Verse Tuesday: Poems and Tears

I made my beta readers cry. When I wrote the final two chapters of my trilogy, I admit I did tear up a bit. Chalk it up to investing two years with my characters and trying to come up with a fitting ending to a story that creates a satisfying conclusion. When I received theContinue reading “Terse Verse Tuesday: Poems and Tears”

Music Monday Jan. 9: Me

There is a radio show on CBC here in Canada that occasionally does a feature called SYNTH: Songs You Need To Hear. Now, I can’t say to someone, “You’ll like this song” (or book for that matter) because I can’t presume that others will share my taste in music (or books), so it is saferContinue reading “Music Monday Jan. 9: Me”