Free Book Friday Jan 6: Interview Repost

To start the new year, I thought I would repost an interview I did with myself in 2020, after my first poetry book was out and before The View from Here had been finished. I think I had grand plans of being a podcaster but having only 3 episode to show for it … well,Continue reading “Free Book Friday Jan 6: Interview Repost”

Year End Wrap-up: Lines by Leon – Wrapped

Ever wonder which one of my blog posts has been read the most?Nope.I’m going to tell you anyway.I thought you might. Top Posts for 2022 Let’s start with one of my favorites (and apparently your least favorite of your favorites) which was my Weird Wednesday post on spam: What is weirder is that I didContinue reading “Year End Wrap-up: Lines by Leon – Wrapped”

Weekend Wrap-up Sept 3: Self Promo Saturday

Finished formatting my ARC for The Second View and 7000 words into The Final View. I wrote the ending first and now I just have to get there. From my blog this week: Free Book Friday Sept 2: In Conversation with Gloria OliverThursday Thoughts: No GuaranteesWeird Wednesday: Better late than never.Music Monday Aug 29: VoicesContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up Sept 3: Self Promo Saturday”

Weekend Wrap-up Aug 27: Book release timeline and early review

Received my manuscript of The Second View from my editor, Doreen. Prepare ARC Format paperback Format Kindle version Promote Book One, The View from Here. Despite how it looks, that’s a lot of work. From my blog this week: Free Book Friday August 24: In Conversation with Claire MaCagueWeird Wednesday: ARC Opportunity / CartoonsMusic MondayContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up Aug 27: Book release timeline and early review”

Weekend Wrap-up Aug 20: Free Book Saturday / Book Review

One of the downfalls of participating in other author’s promotions is that if I commit to too many, sometimes one will get missed. Case in point, I was to share this promo in my newsletter this week and yesterday, but alas, I did not. Book Review: As you know, I don’t review books often. IContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up Aug 20: Free Book Saturday / Book Review”

Weekend Wrap-up Aug 13: Letter from the editor.

I received an email from my editor yesterday with my edited manuscript. Now, just to open it and see how much of the black type has turned to blue. I’m not the goodest at grammer, but i do do my bestsest to send the less painful copy too her. The only thing worse than badContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up Aug 13: Letter from the editor.”

Weekend Wrap-up July 30: Stats don’t lie (the presenters might).

Yesterday I wrote about Kindle Unlimited. Here is a snapshot of the last few months of how many pages were read of my books. Inconsistent, but some pretty impressive spikes, right? Still, it does look like things are trending in the right direction. -Leon From my blog this week: Free Book Friday July 29: KindleContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up July 30: Stats don’t lie (the presenters might).”

Weekend Wrap-up July 23: New review

Last week I received a 2-star review: This week a 4-star: ‘The View From Here’ by Leon Stevens – Review Leon Stevens combines a unique mix of adventure, exploration and sci-fi in this intriguing novella that see’s a pair of hikers find their way into another world. At the heart of the story is aContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up July 23: New review”

Weekend Wrap-up July 16: Writing Update

I put my next book for pre-order on Amazon earlier this month. This creates two challenges: One: It’s not ready yet. I am putting the finishing touches on it before sending it to my editor at the end of the month. She’s pretty quick so I will have it formatted for it’s release on SeptContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up July 16: Writing Update”