Weekend Wrap-up: July 17

The Road Trip

I made a trip that I haven’t made in over a year. Each turn and curve of the road revealed a familiar scene, barely changed. The highway is smoother in spots and rougher in others. Some of the roadside stores are overgrown, victims of the past year’s events.

Fuel is more expensive now, so I keep my speed slower than I did the last time and draft behind the transport trucks for added economy. Four hours later, I pull into the gravel driveway.

The house looks the same except for a fresh coat of paint, and a new patio. The occupants look the same, a little smaller maybe, but as spry as ever.

I hug my parents for the first time in over a year. I relax my embrace, but mother keeps a tight hold. I guess it’s not over yet, so we remain here a little while longer.

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