Weekend Wrap-up: March 20

Welcome to the Saturday post where I share the week on my blog, all in one place – in case you missed it. I also share some of the posts written by others that I found interesting/entertaining/educational. Free Book Friday – My list of campaigns from the platform: StoryOrigin. Weird Wednesday: Cartoons and Daft Punk –Continue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: March 20”

Free Book Friday

Where’s Funny Friday? Or Fun Friday. How about another alliterative title? – well partially alliterative. I’ve met many authors and readers during my time marketing, cross-promoting, and blogging. I think writers have a responsibility to inform readers about all the indie authors out there in the very crowded world of book publishing. You can’t doContinue reading “Free Book Friday”

Lines by Leon Paperback

I finally figured out how to accept payments, so here is your opportunity to win a free book. I have 40 copies left from my original order. Anyone who purchases my book directly from me until the end of March (in preparation for National Poetry Month) will be entered to win their book for free.Continue reading “Lines by Leon Paperback”

Book Reviews

“Hey, Leon. You often talk about the importance of book reviews. Why don’t you post your reviews?”“I do.”“You do?”“I just said I did, didn’t I?”“I haven’t seen any here.”“I don’t post them here.”“Where are they?”“On my Goodreads page.”“Oh. OK. Where’s that then?”“I just told you.”“Gotcha.” I usually write something about the books I have readContinue reading “Book Reviews”

Let’s Talk!

Earlier this week I blogged about reader engagement on book blogs. https://linesbyleon.com/2021/01/19/tuesday-thoughts-book-blogging-to-tour-or-not-to-tour-and-free-stuff/ If you don’t want to read the whole thing here is the main point: “What is the main thing I am looking for in a book blog? Engagement. If my book/book review is featured on a site and there are no comments, canContinue reading “Let’s Talk!”

Short Stories: Minimalist Reading and Writing

I write like I read. I don’t like reading long, drawn-out descriptions of characters and settings, and I’ll often skim the paragraph for the essential points. Always? No, it all depends on the author. This is why, more than likely, that I primarily write short stories. A writer doesn’t have the luxury of pages toContinue reading “Short Stories: Minimalist Reading and Writing”

Leon Stevens, Author Interviews Leon Stevens, Reader (Part I & Part II)

A series of interviews that I did with myself. Enjoy! Leon Stevens · Leon Stevens, the author, interviews Leon Stevens the reader. Today we sit down with Leon Stevens, the reader. We haven’t chatted for a while, how have you been?    -I’m doing well, thanks for asking! Tea?    -Oh, yes please. Say when.Continue reading “Leon Stevens, Author Interviews Leon Stevens, Reader (Part I & Part II)”

Thursday Thoughts: Re-Reads

There are many books that I have re-read. The mark of a good/great book is one that compels you to return for another go. There are many reasons for a re-read: You missed something the first time. I do this a lot. Usually it is because I read at night and I fall asleep andContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Re-Reads”

Thursday Thoughts: Writing

I’m going to take a few days off from writing here-I think. Unless something inspires me to craft something spectacular, I am going to spend some more time on my current project, a yet unnamed novel (or novella) based on a short story from my most recent book, The Knot at the End of theContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Writing”

Interview, Part II: Leon Stevens, Reader, Interviews Leon Stevens, Author

I have done a few interviews on some book blogs this year and have always enjoyed it. But then I thought, what would I say in an interview as a reader? Solution? Interview myself! So I did. As you can see, this is Part II, where I interview myself as an author this time. LeonContinue reading “Interview, Part II: Leon Stevens, Reader, Interviews Leon Stevens, Author”