Thursday Thoughts: Attention Span

I recently came across a recent study that said most people lose interest when reading online articles after about twenty-five to thirty words. With the prevalence of many online platforms offering shorter -Leon NaNoWriMo Totals to Date: 15 845 words**, 24 cups of coffee, one cup of Earl Grey, one cup of tea (unknown), twoContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Attention Span”

Free Book Friday: Oct 1

October. You know what that means. You missed all the Halloween stuff at the store and all the Christmas accoutrements have been placed on the shelves. Wait. What?! I know. You also missed the Thanksgiving decorations. Thankfully you have kept the centerpiece from last year…and the year before that. It also means that Inktober hasContinue reading “Free Book Friday: Oct 1”

Free Book Friday: In Conversation With Author C. Streetlights

This will be my third author conversation that I have done. I have enjoyed getting to know some of the authors that I have been participating in promotions with, and I hope you have enjoyed reading them (because I have a few more in the works). Today I meet with poet C. Streetlights. Today IContinue reading “Free Book Friday: In Conversation With Author C. Streetlights”

Free Book Friday: On Friday this week!*

Writing news: I started to put together my next poetry collection. Some of the poems have never been seen before (oh, the suspense), others are scattered throughout my blog (so now you will not have to search for them), and I am including my 30 Poems/30 Days as a bonus. Have I learned anything fromContinue reading “Free Book Friday: On Friday this week!*”

Free Book Friday/Weekend Wrap-up: Whaaaahappen!?

Thanks to the late Fred Willard for the title of the post today. So, What did happen? Well, it was my first attempt at scheduling a post since I was going to be away on Friday. Long story short, it didn’t work. But left to it’s own volition, it would have posted today at 6:30Continue reading “Free Book Friday/Weekend Wrap-up: Whaaaahappen!?”

In Conversation With Nicole Pierman

(This interview was originally posted on September 3, 2021) Before I post this week’s book promos, here is a short conversation with an author/poet who* I met through BookFunnel. Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with author and baker extraordinaire Nicole Pierman. Thanks for stopping by. Thank you so much for having me,Continue reading “In Conversation With Nicole Pierman”

Free Book Friday: Oops, I did it again!

What did I do? It’s another week with no new promos. Boo, me. I’ll give you a writing update instead. In November, I participated in National Novel Writing Month. I’m not a novel writer. I like the quirkiness of short stories, the challenge of creating an interesting plot and conclusion in a limited number ofContinue reading “Free Book Friday: Oops, I did it again!”

Free Book Friday: Author’s Newsletters- Worth the free book?

What is your experience with free books from authors? Many of the offerings from the promotional campaigns that I are involved with through BookFunnel and StoryOrigin are “reader magnets”, short sample books of an author’s work. Sometimes they are like the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon book pages (the first 10% of a book), oftenContinue reading “Free Book Friday: Author’s Newsletters- Worth the free book?”

Bad Luck Free Book Friday the 13th?

Are you superstitious? Did anything bad ever happen to you on Friday the thirteenth? I’m not superstitious, but I won’t walk under a ladder – that’s just dangerous. Here are a few common ones: The Number 13: With the exception of the horror movie(s), nothing bad happens in Friday the 13th, does it? Some hotelsContinue reading “Bad Luck Free Book Friday the 13th?”