Tuesday Tirade/ Inktober Day 12 (Stuck): Stick to it.

I don’t like sharing my day with anything…

Inktober: Day 12 (Stuck)

If this didn’t happen to you when you were a kid, then you weren’t a kid.

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Tuesday Tirade: Stick to it.

Have you ever seen the commercial where the fried egg slides around on the non-stick pan? Ever try to melt a bunch of candies and wipe it clean in one stroke of a paper towel? How about frying anything with no worry of having a difficult clean up? Muffins dropping out of an overturned tray?

My takeaway?

  1. Eggs don’t slide like that
  2. Melted candy, although very tasty, is messy
  3. I made a blueberry pancake this morning–Yes, a pancake. Why make 3 small ones when you can make one big one—and the blueberries left little round residue marks that took soap and water to remove. Non-stick my—
  4. Muffins in my Betty Crocker tray cling for dear life when upended

Things will stick to my grandmother’s cast iron pan unless a liberal amount of oil/butter is used. No worse than my other pans. I have four. Cast iron, Green Pan, Gotham Steel, and an old non-sticker that was probably one of the first (and probably not the healthiest.)

To make clean-up easier, maybe I should just boil everything.

“Rice and pasta will stick.”
“Oh, right.”


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