Tuesday Tirade: Writing

Writer’s block. I haven’t written anything (other than my blog posts) for a while. I had a few projects on the go but they stalled for various reasons: Too many plot holesSaw a book that was similarBusy with marketingBusy trying to make a livingBinging a TV show (or two) Inspiration will come back … won’tContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Writing”

Tuesday Tirade: Spring

Potholes? Yeah we have some big ones. Loser drivers that get angry when you slow down when driving through a puddle because you don’t know what is lurking below the surface and don’t feel like cracking an axle or rim? Yeah, we have those too. Speaking of puddles, drivers, please slow down when passing someoneContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Spring”

Tuesday Tirade: The Perils of Spring

Spring. If you live where you have snow during the winter, then you know that once it starts to melt, you are in for a treat if you are a pedestrian or a cyclist. I try to cycle on the road as much as possible, but if it is not safe, I’ll ride on theContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: The Perils of Spring”

Thursday Tirade: Amazon (yes, them again)

Cut and Run After two years of fighting with Amazon (don’t we all?), I finally decided to unpublish my poetry reader magnet from their platform. “Oh, no!” the Amazon executives exclaim. “An unknown indie author—and a poet no less—is taking their free book off of KDP. We are ruined!” [uproarious laughter] Yeah. I’m hitting themContinue reading “Thursday Tirade: Amazon (yes, them again)”

Tuesday Tirade: Word Documents

Adding page numbers to a Word document. Does that send shivers up your spine? Induce a feeling of nausea? Make you utter words that you never want to say in front of your mother? Bring on a headache? Cause you to run away screaming or just sit and pull on your hair? If you answeredContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Word Documents”

Tuesday Tirade: Dollar Stores

If you saw my post on Sunday, you know that I’m disappointed with dollar stores. You used to be able to go in, pick up eight items, and pay—wait for it . . . $8—unless you live in a region that taxes their residents when they buy gum. OK. I get it. Dollar stores haveContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Dollar Stores”

Tuesday Tidbits: New Year, New Purge

Whew. I just finished tidying my desk and working area. My first thought was, “Hey, that’s pretty nice faux wood finish (Not really. It’s a pretty crappy old desk, but it keeps stuff off the floor). My second thought was, “I have to clean off those coffee rings.” My third thought was, “That’s a veryContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: New Year, New Purge”