RollerQuotester: Life has Its Ups and Downs

I took break from NaNoWriMo yesterday to get my last project ready to send to my editor. I did get a few hundred words written later in the day with a half pint of a Session IPA. I went for a run for the first time in … a week? Odd thing come to mindContinue reading “RollerQuotester: Life has Its Ups and Downs”

One-Liner Wednesday: Humorous Quotes

Have you ever written a quote that just makes you chuckle? How about reading a quote from Yogi Berra (not the bear) and thinking “That’s brilliant…wait! That makes no sense!” What’s your favorite quote (yours or someone else’s) that makes you giggle? Here’s mine: “You may think that I am bitter, but I’m not. I’mContinue reading “One-Liner Wednesday: Humorous Quotes”

Tuesday Tidbits: Life Lessons Learned From Exercising

I like exercising. Because I like food, mostly. I also like the feeling I have when I’m done. Reminds me of an old joke: A man sees his friend hitting himself on the head with a hammer. “Why are you hitting yourself with a hammer,” he asks. His friend replies, “ Because it feels soContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: Life Lessons Learned From Exercising”