Pumpkin vs. Spice / Inktober Day 10 (Pick):

October 10: Pick

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Pumpkin spice.

There. I said it*. You either like it or you don’t.

I don’t. I do like pumpkin pie, though. Curried pumpkin soup is also delicious. Toasted pumpkin seeds are a pain to make, but worth it. You can treat pumpkin as the squash that it is and cut it up and roast it with salt, pepper, and paprik—

“Isn’t that pumpkin spice?”
“Ha, ha! You like pumpkin spice!”

Yeah, OK. But I don’t like it when it messes with my coffee. What about you?


*You can also say “Punkin Spice” and some people with think it’s funny**.

** Cuz, it sounds like how a kid would say it***

*** Kinda like saying passgetti.****

****OK, I’m done with the footnotes now.

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