Thursday Thoughts: Open Wide

Go exclusive or go wide. That’s the question. For my next poetry collection, I have been looking at two options: Go with an agregate (Draft2Digital/Publishdrive for example) or do it myself. If you (meaning me) are going to go exclusive, then there is really only one option: The platform who must not be named (andContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Open Wide”

Tuesday Tidbits: On the right track!

It’s been a while since I wrote about reviews. It’s also been a while since I received any. Coincidence? Probably. I decided to run a promotion with Itsy Bitsy Book Bits (IBBB) for my poetry book after reading some Goodreads forums on marketing sites. They do rely heavily on social media presence, along with theirContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: On the right track!”