Tuesday Tidbits: NaPoWriMo (Day whatever) / Free book update

Oh, grumpy cat . . . I decided not to pressure myself to write 30 poems this month. It’s pretty nice, but here is one I wrote on day three: Free book promo: I recently ran a free book promotion for my new poetry collection, A Wonder of Words. Like many self published authors, IContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: NaPoWriMo (Day whatever) / Free book update”

Weekend Wrap-up Dec 18: Writing Update

I have been going over the corrections and suggestions in my latest novella manuscript that I got back from my editor. There are some errors I still make, but overall, so far, there hasn’t been a sea of blue edits. I have to start thinking about book covers. I should have done this sooner becauseContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up Dec 18: Writing Update”

Weird Wednesday: Poem/Cartoon

I try to cycle as much as I can. Sometimes in winter it can be challenging, but it is exhilarating. Here is a poem the will be included in my newest collection: A Wonder of Words* Winter Biking 101 You may choose to bike in winter’s throwsReading rules set down in prose If you wishContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: Poem/Cartoon”

Weekend Wrap-up Dec 11: Winter – A Poem

It was v-v-very c-c-c-c-cold for a few d-d-d-days last week, then it became warmer, and now they (the weather people) are forecasting above freezing temperatures tomorrow. It made me think of this poem that I wrote and posted in February: Winter If you have never seen the hoarfrost clingTo wires, fences, posts, and treesIf youContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up Dec 11: Winter – A Poem”

Thursday Thoughts: Drawing a Blank

If you are a witer (of anything) do you ever just have a complete loss for words or ideas? Ever sit with pen in hand stating at that blank piece of paper (Pen? Paper? What are these items you speak of?) wondering what to write about? I’m doing it right now…well, I was. Now I’mContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Drawing a Blank”

Weekend Wrap-up: Wet, Wet, Wet.

(Note: I wrote this yesterday) I walked in the rain today. I didn’t care that I got wet. The coolness of each drop as it hit my skin and seeped through the fabric of my clothing was a welcome respite from the weeks of hot, dry weather. Each puddle was like an old friend, notContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: Wet, Wet, Wet.”

Tuesday Tidbits: On the right track!

It’s been a while since I wrote about reviews. It’s also been a while since I received any. Coincidence? Probably. I decided to run a promotion with Itsy Bitsy Book Bits (IBBB) for my poetry book after reading some Goodreads forums on marketing sites. They do rely heavily on social media presence, along with theirContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: On the right track!”

Monday Musings: To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme

Reading over the thirty poems that I wrote in April allowed me to assess my writing style. Verdict: Haphazard. Admittedly, I don’t read a lot of poetry—more now than before—for various reasons. I have more preferred genre preferences, and I suppose I don’t want to be influenced by the style of others. When I beganContinue reading “Monday Musings: To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme”