Weekend Wrap-up May 27: Stuck at 37

Reviews that is, for my book, The View from Here. My first poetry book has 22, while my second poetry book is lagging at 4. Some authors say that the magic number of Amazon reviews is 50. That’s when the magical algorithm kicks in. True or false? Or is it just one of many urbanContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up May 27: Stuck at 37”

Weekend Wrap-up May 20: Print Book Prices

The news that has been rippling through the indie author community about Amazon’s decision to raise the printing costs, eating away at the royalties. I understand that with inflation, costs for everything are going up, so I’m not surprised. C’mon, poor Amazon needs to make money, right? I don’t sell many physical copies of myContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up May 20: Print Book Prices”