Thursday Thoughts: Eve of the Eve

About a year ago, stores were open only for essential items, so yeah, no Christmas shopping. I sold more of my merchandise on some local online platforms, as people panicked to keep some semblance of normalcy. I appreciate that consumers supported local producers, but I’m sure that the larger behemoths benefited more (Jeff got aContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Eve of the Eve”

Thursday Thoughts: The Last Two Years

Two years ago, the world was starting to see the affects of a new coronavirus. It travelled rapidly around the world, despite attempts to quell the spread. We washed our hands, wiped down our purchases, donned masks, stayed at home, severed physical ties with friends and family, begged governments to take action, then fought overContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: The Last Two Years”

Thursday Thoughts: Do we need another plague story?

The Andromeda Strain, No Blade of Grass, The Stand, Twelve Monkeys, Oryx and Crake, World War Z. Need I go on? When the pandemic was in it’s infancy, the most streamed movie – ‘cuz what else are you going to do when everything was getting shut down? – was Contagion. Now I had watched itContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Do we need another plague story?”