Monday Open Book Blog Hop: Grammar

What grammar rules have you broken on purpose? Thanks to Stevie Turner for the question Language is always evolving. The Oxford English Dictionary is constantly adding new words which become common in everyday vernacular. Acronyms and slang are widely accepted as more people use them. Certain words and tendencies fall out of favor though time.Continue reading “Monday Open Book Blog Hop: Grammar”

Open Book Blog Hop: Opening (and closing) Lines

Share some of your favourite lines from your writing. How about some of your worst ones if you still remember them? Opening and Closing Lines You only get one chance to make a first impression. True. A good opening line, paragraph, or chapter is key to keeping a reader interested. You also have one chanceContinue reading “Open Book Blog Hop: Opening (and closing) Lines”

Open Book Blog Hop Dec 27: Dinner Guest(s)

Thanks to P.J Maclayne for today’s topic. If you could invite anyone in  the world to be your dinner guest, who would you invite? You could open a book or Google to gain knowledge of a person, but I think to have an opportunity to sit down with someone in your home, in a coffeeContinue reading “Open Book Blog Hop Dec 27: Dinner Guest(s)”

Monday Musing: Open Book Blog Hop

Welcome to this week’s blog hop. Today the topic is: How do you feel about the use of profanity, either in your stories or in what you read? I tend not to use profanity in my writing, as I don’t often use it in my normal conversation. I know, I know, a writer should beContinue reading “Monday Musing: Open Book Blog Hop”

Open Book Blog Hop: May 11

Twenty-six letters and many possibilities (to go off-topic) We know a lot of words. I think I read that children can learn upwards of 500 words or more a month when they are in elementary school. This is based on the the fact that by age twelve, the average child should be able to understandContinue reading “Open Book Blog Hop: May 11”

Open Book Blog Hop: Overheard Conversations

Wait. What!? Did I just hear that? We have to get inspiration for our characters from somewhere, and everyday people often are a prime resource. If you are in a public space, you should realize that if you talk at a normal volume, we – the other public – can hear you. Twenty-five years ago,Continue reading “Open Book Blog Hop: Overheard Conversations”

On Writing: The Junk Drawer of Ideas

(Thanks, Stevie Turner, for the inspiration for this post! ) Everybody has at least one. Only one if they are lucky. One in the kitchen (pencils, twist-ties, battteries, keys, etc.), one in the workshop (old bolts, screws, extra IKEA parts, allen wrenchs), well, you get the idea. Writers are the same. I know I alwaysContinue reading “On Writing: The Junk Drawer of Ideas”