Weekend Wrap-up: Last Day

What am I going to write about? Today is the last day of the sporting events in the 2020ne Olympic Games. I suppose that one the plus side, the Paralympics are next, then football season starts, hockey is in two months, and it's only one year before the Winter Olympics. Not to worry, though, my … Continue reading Weekend Wrap-up: Last Day

Music Monday/Monday Musings: Now for something completely different.

So I decided to put my interview skills to the test. I have written a few humorous ones, Leon Stevens Interviews Himself, but after participating few new book promos, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce some of the authors that are featured on my page, Discover New Authors and Free Books. … Continue reading Music Monday/Monday Musings: Now for something completely different.

Weekend Wrap-up: More Olympics? Maybe.

Can I write about the Olympics everyday? I'm going to try. What affect does technology have on athletic performance? In some sports not much, in others, much more. Any sport that relies heavily on speed such as cycling and rowing will benefit from lighter, more aerodynamic equipment/clothing. Track athletes have seen improvement in the track … Continue reading Weekend Wrap-up: More Olympics? Maybe.