Weird Wednesday: Kindle Unlimited / Cartoons

I saw this on my KDP dashboard this morning . . . Weird? Sure. Do you ever see the same number over and over? Some numbers I happen to catch a glimpse of the numbers 222 and 227 on clocks, houses, or license plates. What’s even weirder is it never comes up on my PickContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: Kindle Unlimited / Cartoons”

Tuesday Tirade: The Trouble with Teens (the numbers, not the kids)

As you may have surmised, you shouldn’t be expecting your complaints about your teenagers—or your neighbor’s—to justified in the following post. This is about another anomaly we call numbers* How easy is it to count to 100? Learn 1-10, then all you have to know are 20, 30, 40, etc., and you have 90% ofContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: The Trouble with Teens (the numbers, not the kids)”