Music Monday: Riviera Galliard

I write better than I play. I play better than I record. I record better than I perform. Which is why it takes me a long time to get my music into audio form. It was the mid [insert decade here]s. I was two years out of high school, still trying to figure out whatContinue reading “Music Monday: Riviera Galliard”

Music Monday: Nobody’s Perfect

I finally changed the strings on my guitar. Wow. What a difference. Will that give me motivation to play more? I still enjoy playing, but sometimes it feels too much like a chore. It takes me a long time to learn a new piece of music (or re-learn something). If I step away for aContinue reading “Music Monday: Nobody’s Perfect”

Music Monday: Minimalism

John Cage’s 4’33. A pianist comes out and sits at a piano and begins to…do nothing for four minutes and thirty-three seconds. Is this taking minimalism too far, or is it just someone beating everyone else to the punch. Probably the latter. My first exposure to minimalism was Philp Glass’s Koyaanisqatsi. I didn’t hear itContinue reading “Music Monday: Minimalism”

Music Monday: Places (acoustic guitar)

I hope you have been enjoying my composition series Opus 1 through 5. The next one will follow once I have all the parts connected into a cohesive piece of music. How long does that take? Beats me, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I’ll share a project I have been working on called Places.Continue reading “Music Monday: Places (acoustic guitar)”

Music Monday: Opus 5 Playing and Recording

Now that I have written a piece of music, what next? Music, like other forms of artistic expression, is meant to be shared. Not always—some of what I have created will only be seen and heard by myself. Not that I’m selfish, some things are just too personal. There are two options: Live or recorded.Continue reading “Music Monday: Opus 5 Playing and Recording”

Music Monday: Opus 4-Writing it Down

When I started my musical education journey, I didn’t have the advantages of computer transcription programs. There was no easy access to popular sheet music. Other that a few guitar magazines, if I wanted to learn a song, I had to get a recording and learn it by ear. That’s not an altogether bad thing—it’sContinue reading “Music Monday: Opus 4-Writing it Down”

Music Monday: Opus 3 – Decomposing Composition

How do I compose? Probably the wrong way and the slowest way ever… I wish I could say that I can hear the music in my head then play it or write it down. I can’t. Not even close. The lucky ones can. I can’t even play the same thing twice in a row sometimes.Continue reading “Music Monday: Opus 3 – Decomposing Composition”

Music Monday: Opus 2

I sommelier once told me, don’t let anyone tell you what you taste. If you taste black cherry, then it has notes of black cherry. He also said that price shouldn’t be a factor. If you like it, it’s a good wine. That’s advice coming from someone whose job it is to sell us onContinue reading “Music Monday: Opus 2”

Weekend Wrap-up: Feb. 6

In case you missed it, here is quick recap of some posts that I wrote, and others that I came across this week. So get a coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy. This week in my blog: Funny Friday : What are some funny things that happened during your schooling? Weird Wednesday : MoreContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: Feb. 6”