Free Book Friday: New giveaway platform

After waffling for months, I finally decided to join BookFunnel. The biggest obstacle was price. It’s not expensive, buy I’m am already using StoryOrigin, so It’s kind of like paying for cable and Netflix. And I’m cheap. Well, maybe thrifty, or money-conscience. The main reason to bite the bullet was to reach new readers (alongContinue reading “Free Book Friday: New giveaway platform”

Free Book Friday: The Little Library that Could

Neighborhood Lending Libraries You have seen them. Those little houses on posts with the glass doors next to the sidewalk. There are several around that I frequent. Since many public libraries were closed during the pandemic, they did come in handy. I always wonder about the etiquette though. Do I: Return the book to itsContinue reading “Free Book Friday: The Little Library that Could”