Throwback Thursday: Paper or eBook?

NaNoWriMo Totals to Date: 12 536 words, 17 cups of coffee, one cup of Earl Grey, one cup of tea (unknown), two glasses of Rum &Coke, one glass of cabernet, and a half-pint of a Session IPA. Here’s another post from the annals of history: OK, it was only at the beginning of this year.Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Paper or eBook?”

Throwback Thursday: A Two-Fer

Take a moment to day to remember and honor all the veterans and soldiers who have sacrificed so much. Sometimes it feels like it is all for naught, but imagine what it would be like without them. My blogging has evolved. Looking back to my early posts are a real eye opener. My style hasn’tContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: A Two-Fer”

Thursday Thoughts: Laughter

In anticipation of “Funny Fridays” I thought that I would talk about the serious side of laughter. It is not easy laugh when you are alone, but I’m sure many will agree that it is easy to cry. There are movies that always make me tear up no matter how many times I’ve seen them—It’sContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Laughter”