Free Book Friday August 24: In Conversation with Claire MaCague

In Conversation With: Claire McCague Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with author Claire McCague. Can I offer you anything to drink before we begin? Green Spot Montebello, which I discovered in an Irish Writer’s Whiskey platter in Garavan’s Bar in Galway.  It was flagged as Samuel Beckett’s favorite, and is dangerously smooth.Continue reading “Free Book Friday August 24: In Conversation with Claire MaCague”

Free Book Friday July 29: Kindle Unlimited

Is reading with Kindle Unlimited free? As much as that third plate at the buffet is, or that bottomless cup of coffee. All-inclusive resorts, unlimited talk/text/data, you paid for it, might as well use it. “Over 74% of KU subscribers read more than five books per month. Compare that to non-KU readers, where only 55%Continue reading “Free Book Friday July 29: Kindle Unlimited”