Free Book Friday Jan 13: In Conversation returns!

In Conversation With: Patrick Johns Born and raised in Ramsey, New Jersey, Patrick Johns attended university at Virginia Tech, obtaining an engineering and mathematics degree. Go Hokies! However, writing is Patrick’s true passion. After writing his first novel, Junkland, the first book in The Hoarding series, Patrick left his engineering job to teach English overseas.Continue reading “Free Book Friday Jan 13: In Conversation returns!”

Free Book Friday Jan 6: Interview Repost

To start the new year, I thought I would repost an interview I did with myself in 2020, after my first poetry book was out and before The View from Here had been finished. I think I had grand plans of being a podcaster but having only 3 episode to show for it … well,Continue reading “Free Book Friday Jan 6: Interview Repost”

Free Book Friday April 25: In Conversation with Joshua Grant

Free book news: This week, I did re-vamp my science fiction sample book, Five from Two. I added the complete first chapter of my novella, The View from Here and changed the order of the selections. So, more stuff? Yup. More stuff. Get it here: Five from Two No onto the interview! In Conversation With:Continue reading “Free Book Friday April 25: In Conversation with Joshua Grant”

Free Book Friday April 15: In Conversation with N.T. Narbutovskih

I recently removed my free poetry book from the Amazon catalogue. I haven’t looked at it for a while, and I forgot that I had written my own testimonials. Like my self-interviews, I found them quite amusing, so I thought I would share them. There’s fake news, now there’s fake testimonials:Read what people are notContinue reading “Free Book Friday April 15: In Conversation with N.T. Narbutovskih”