Thursday Thoughts: Internet Gratification

[Beep. Hiss. Bleep. Shhht. Bloing]

Remember that?

No? Well, you are lucky because that meant you had to wait. For everything. For information, pictures, email, and videos (Hamster Dance took forever). Maybe not forever, but you had time to go make a sandwich.

We take not waiting for granted. Entertainment is on-demand, we can get in touch with each other whenever we want, and find out who that girl was who acted in that show. No matter where you are, there is a pretty good chance that you have access to all this.

When things take too long, it’s easy to get frustrated. But wait. Yes, wait. Relax there, buckaroo. Sip that coffee. Sit back. Make a sandwich.

I’m currently experiencing slow connection. Not 5G, or 4G. More like…it’s… kinda nice. It’s quiet out there, there are no neighbours for miles, the sun is rising over the lake, and I have nowhere to go.

Another coffee? Don’t mind if I do.


Leon Stevens is a blogger, composer, artist, and an author of three books (so far): Lines by Leon: Poems, Prose, and PicturesJourneys: Eight Original Pieces for Classical Guitar and The Knot at the End of the Rope and Other Short Stories.

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