Why I think you should check out self published SFF! — Spells and Spaceships

I found this toady and thought it worthy of a re-blog. – Leon

Hi people. Today I’m here to tell those of you that only read the big releases from publishers – you keep on doing only that if you want to. But I’m also here to tell you that there are a world of books by self published authors that are just as good. Ok, Alex – […]

Why I think you should check out self published SFF! — Spells and Spaceships

Second Chance Sunday: Interviews

How do I choose the second chancers? Small number of views, mostly. Sometimes, I’ll read a post and revise it slightly or fix broken links.

I wrote two interviews of me interviewing me. I thought they were amusing (and I do like to make people laugh), so when I found the site Soundcloud, I decided to record the audio for the transcript. I did a few more self-interviews for a few other blogs I put three of them all on one page with audio links. I thought I had them working but my Anchor.fr link wouldn’t play the first one, so I went back to my Soundcloud for that one. I have another coming out for Lunarian Press soon.

So, without further delay, head on over for what I hope you will find an entertaining and unique approach to “the interview”.

Leon Stevens Interviews Himself

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Second Chance Sunday: Guest Post (where did it go?)

Do-overs. You can sometimes weasel one if you buy a beer for your golfing partner, but don’t try it at the craps table (it’s frowned upon…)

Sunday is my day to go thought my previous posts and find one that deserves a boost. Sometimes a post will not get many (any) views/likes for different reasons: Being posted at just the wrong time, getting lost in the feed, or for being just plain terrible. This one was none of these.

When I looked at my self-interview post, this is all I saw:

Well, that’s a fine how do you do. That’s not going to generate any traffic for Chris. I’ll take a mulligan on that one. Pop over to thestoryreadingapeblog.com (link below) to read it in its entirety.

Leon Stevens Interviews Leon Stevens

Hello. I’m Leon Stevens, and I’m sitting here with author Leon Stevens who has written two booksLines by Leon-Poems, Prose and Pictures, and The Knot at the End of the Rope and Other Short Stories.

Well, here we are again.

It seems that way.

You wrote down a list of questions for the guest post on thestoryreadingapeblog.com. Where did you come across that site?

Through my WordPress blog. I was reading a re-post of a book marketing article.

How is your blog coming along?

Better than I thought. I’ve been writing something almost daily.

Nice. Shall we get to the questions?

Fire away.

Now bear in mind I do know all these answers, so try to forget who I am.

I wish I could.


I’ll let that pass. Question 1: Have you always been a writer?

Not until… (continue reading: Meet Guest Author Leon Stevens)

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Book Marketing: Spend money, make money?

The other day I was updating some information on my Amazon book page and I noticed this:

   Then yesterday: 

It’s just my free sample book, but #5 in the free-short-poetry-reads-45- minutes category is pretty cool. I wasn’t happy with the cover resolution so I did a full revision on the book and republished. adding a better cover and updating some of the links.

I had finally decided to spend some money and purchased Publisher Rocket. It is a tool that compiles Amazon Ad search terms, category rankings, and book keywords.

You can use this information to position your book into the popular searches, or into ones with less competition. in the case of the latter, you have a better chance of being on the first page of reader searches.

I don’t think that I would have been able to come up with all the terms on my own, or it would have taken me a great deal of time.

My Amazon ad impressions have gone up and have translated to a few more sales. The #5 ranking for the free book is probably due to the increased visibility. Is it worth it? Well, I do have to sell more books to recoup the cost of the program, and you know my view on Amazon ads ( Amazon Ads: Here, Mr. Bezos, take my money and run). But I can’t argue with more people seeing my books.