The Olympics: An unofficial history.

I like to figure things out on my own. I’ll do some trial and error and try to logically deduce problems or questions before resorting to looking things up. It may take longer to solve, but I think you learn more or at least a funny anecdote. So, here is my “knowledge” of how theContinue reading “The Olympics: An unofficial history.”

Weird Wednesday: June 30

Languages are weird. I’m not a linguistics expert, I’m not even an expert in the English language.  Every so often, I come across a word that makes me think: Why is it like that? For example: CON – tent vs. con-TENT – Same word, two different meanings. Talk about lazy. Here are some other thoughts:Continue reading “Weird Wednesday: June 30”

Weird Wednesday: June 23 – The Mask

Things are returning to “normal” in some parts of the world as some countries drop health restrictions as they re-open. It is interesting to see crowds of people attending events like concerts, sports, or just eating out. What I find odd is that seeing a masked person in a crowd now is equivalent to seeingContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: June 23 – The Mask”

Monday Musings – Golf. Not as boring as Baseball?

Did you watch the US Open yesterday? Golf is an odd sport to watch. For the most part, it’s the same thing with different players, as the coverage switches from group to group until near the end of the tournament, there are less and less players on the course, so there are more and moreContinue reading “Monday Musings – Golf. Not as boring as Baseball?”

Weird Wednesday: June 16 – Change in the Pocket

Do you think it’s cool when your purchase total comes to…let’s say $14.00, or $34.00, or if you just bought two packs of gum and a soda and it’s $3.00? On the flip side, are you incensed when you are filling up the tank and you squeeze just too long that last time and youContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: June 16 – Change in the Pocket”

Weird Wednesday: June 9 – Cartoons and Aliens

Do you believe in UFOs? Well you should because they are real.“C’mon…really?” you ask.Well, there are things that people see in the sky that are not able to be identified, so, yes.“I thought you meant, like… aliens.”Did I say aliens?“No,” you say poutingly.What about UAPs?“You’re not getting me with that one.” What are UAPs? UnidentifiedContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: June 9 – Cartoons and Aliens”

Weird Wednesday: June 2 – The Survey returns and Cartoons

Every few months (or every 50 newsletter subscribers), I open up the Lines by Leon Survey, my way of learning about where my readers have arrived from and their reading habits, so that I can gauge the effectiveness of my web presence. If there were reviews of the survey, I suspect they would go somethingContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: June 2 – The Survey returns and Cartoons”

Second Chance Sunday: Blog ‘Bout Book Blogs

I was looking through my posts, and I had thought that I had posted this here before, but I couldn’t find it (yes, I used the search feature). So, here is a post from my old blog, circa 2019. Say that five times fast. That’s OK. Take your time. Try again. I’ll wait… We’ll justContinue reading “Second Chance Sunday: Blog ‘Bout Book Blogs”

Weird Wednesday: May 26th – Cartoons

If you are new to Weird Wednesdays, it is my day to share some of my odd writings, or more often, my cartoons: The Miniscules (posted on Instagram @lines_by_leon) and “The Untitled” (on Wednesday). I had started a series of Hide-and-Seek cartoons, so this will be my next series called: The Day Before Question: WhenContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: May 26th – Cartoons”

Thursday Thoughts: Aroma Therapy

A sommelier once told me: “Don’t let anyone tell you what you smell. If you smell blackberries and burnt rubber, then that’s what you smell.”* That’s good because my sense of smell is not as honed as some. When I take in that bouquet from a glass of wine, I know that I have smelledContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Aroma Therapy”