Tuesday Tirade: In Praise of Amazon. Wait, What?! (Made you look. Now how about a cartoon a day early?)

No, I’m not going to go that far, but the Prime Reading situation has been rectified and The View from Here is now included in the amazon.com Prime Reading catalogue. Sure, it’s on the last page, but you have to start somewhere. What caused the issue? No explanation was given. Pi goes on forever, whichContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: In Praise of Amazon. Wait, What?! (Made you look. Now how about a cartoon a day early?)”

Tuesday Tirade: Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon Prime Reading. As I understand it, it’s the kinda the same as Kindle Unlimited but different. Kindle Unlimited is a paid monthly subscription where you can read as many (hence the ‘unlimited’ moniker) books as you want, the catch being that the books need to be enrolled in the KU program, which is dominatedContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Amazon Prime Reading”

Tuesday Tirade Feb 28: Algorithms and Cats

Yes, I guess it could be worse. On any of my social media accounts (all 3 of them), I try to delete/block ads that say “suggested for you” or the “because you watched”. And I get it, companies want to make money, and advertising brings in a lot of it. But lately, on my InstagramContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade Feb 28: Algorithms and Cats”

Tuesday Tirade: Valentine’s Day

Did you think I was going to go on an Valentine’s rant? Well … Maybe, as a poet, I should pen an anti-Valentine’s poem. Well … Is there too much pressure on Valentine’s day? If you are in a relationship, do you stress coming up with the perfect gift, dinner, gesture to show your affectionContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Valentine’s Day”

Tuesday Tidbits: Book Trailers

I know some people think the book trailer has fallen out of fashion, but I have been playing around with some programs to create one for the first book of my sci-fi trilogy. They are kinda fun to create. Here is a sneak peek at a book trailer I’ve been working on. Might need toContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: Book Trailers”

Thursday Thoughts: Poetic License Updated.

Do you ever read your older posts and think that they are, well … not that good? Or, maybe they have merit, but just need a but of tidying up. I throw caution to the wind when I write poetry. I never set out to write a specific form of poetry. The closest I comeContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Poetic License Updated.”