Weekend Wrap-up: April 17

Wow. Sixteen poems so far. Has it been difficult? Yes and no. Sometimes the prompts from NaPoWriMo seem a bit too specific, but they are just suggestions and I have taken some liberties with them. A few of them I knocked out fairly quick, most took a bit of brainwork. Here are the first 2Continue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: April 17”

Weekend Wrap-up: April 10

What the heck happened to Music Monday? Not finished my composition yet (and I was writing a poem). What the heck happened to Tuesday Thoughts? I had a post ready but I was writing a poem. What the heck happened to Weird Wednesday? Ok you get the idea. so let’s catch up: Book news: IContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: April 10”

Weekend Wrap-up: March 20

Welcome to the Saturday post where I share the week on my blog, all in one place – in case you missed it. I also share some of the posts written by others that I found interesting/entertaining/educational. Free Book Friday – My list of campaigns from the platform: StoryOrigin. Weird Wednesday: Cartoons and Daft Punk –Continue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: March 20”