Tuesday Tidbits / Inktober Day 19 (Loop): Too Much or Too Little

Too Much or Too Little I don’t like wasting food. I try to keep the contents of my refrigerator to a minimum, but sometimes the perfect storm arrives. Which has my fridge fuller than usual. A good sale at the grocery store. What I took out from the freezer a few days ago waits patientlyContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits / Inktober Day 19 (Loop): Too Much or Too Little”

Thursday Thoughts: Food for Thought

People have asked me, “Leon, where do you get your ideas for Thursday Thoughts?” Not really. That’s a lie. The most common question I get is “Leon, what do you like to eat for a snack?” Seriously, really. No that’s a lie too. But now you are wondering, “Leon, what do you like to eatContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Food for Thought”

Tuesday Tirade: The Egg.

Edited Aug 17 Thanks, Clive for the eggformation. Eggs. One of history’s oldest food sources. At one time—not that long ago—we were told that eggs are high in cholesterol and that we should limit our consumption. Then—not that long ago—eggs were OK. Just don’t eat the yolk. But that’s the best part!. The worst partContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: The Egg.”

Thursday Thoughts: Recipes – Just a serving suggestion?

I like to cook and bake. I try to make bread once a week, usually a baguette of a french loaf, but I got some rye flour, so I’m into rye bread for a while. My grandmother would make rye bread in her own way. My sister and I asked her for that recipe once,Continue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Recipes – Just a serving suggestion?”

Weird Wednesday: July 14 – Food for Thought

I like food. A lot. I exercise regularly and have a high metabolism. There is not much that I don’t like or won’t try. However: I like cooked broccoli, but I’m not a fan of it in raw form—even smothered in dip or hummus. Yet, I’ll chow down on raw cauliflower while begrudgingly eat itContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: July 14 – Food for Thought”

Food for Thought: Fitter or Fatter?

Fitter fatter, let’s get ‘at her. I know that not being able to go out as much as usual is getting to many people. Physical distancing rules are a tough pill to swallow. And many activities have had to be curtailed. Throw in the winter weather-if you are so lucky to live where the seasonsContinue reading “Food for Thought: Fitter or Fatter?”