Weird Wednesday: Fall?

First day of autumn.Is it?Isn’t it on the 21st?I thought it was tomorrow.One sec . . . According to Google: While the September equinox usually occurs on September 22 or 23, it can very rarely fall on September 21 or September 24. A September 21 equinox has not happened for several millennia. However, in theContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: Fall?”

Weird Wednesday: Whatscoin’on?

You might have noticed a lack of regular blog contributions. Am I too busy? Not really. Do I feel like writing? Well, I want to. Am I running out of ideas? I hope not. I updated the Kindle version of my latest poetry book, A Wonder of Words, getting rid of some unneeded punctuation andContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: Whatscoin’on?”

Weird Wednesday: First day of school.

Not for me. Those days are way behind me, although I have had many. A lot of things have changed since that first first day. What hasn’t changed is that anyone no matter the age is excited and nervous on their first day. Good luck, everyone. Make the best of your time in school. -LeonContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: First day of school.”