Weekend Wrap-up April 23: NaPoWriMo – Little White Dog

I put the poem into a video because: It was kinda long I wanted to include some pictures I accidentally downloaded the Instagram frames I made on Canva as an MP4 You can always pause it if it goes by too fast. From my blog this week: Free Book Friday April 25: In Conversation withContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up April 23: NaPoWriMo – Little White Dog”

Thursday Thoughts: Don’t let sleeping dogs lie.

After dog sitting for a week, I have learned a few things. Comfort for you is different from the comfort the dog has because it is hard to get up when you have a dog curled up on your lap dead asleep. There are two kinds of hungry. I’ll eat my food hungry and IContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Don’t let sleeping dogs lie.”

Weekend Wrap-up Dec 4: The Increment Excident

The Increment Excident I stopped by a friend’s place to check on the dog. After a brisk walk, I kindly directed her to take care of her business as her owner would not be home until later. Having thoroughly explaining the situation, she proceeded to take her number 2. Now, keep in mind that sheContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up Dec 4: The Increment Excident”