Thursday Thoughts: Beware of the Digital Horde

When I purchased my laptop 3 years ago, I always had grand plans to keep things neat and organized. No need to clutter the desktop, right? Get rid of unneeded files in a timely fashion. Make easily identified folders—and folders within folders (which of course have folders inside). Label files with clear and concise names.Continue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Beware of the Digital Horde”

The Purge (Subscribers): Quality over Quantity

I went through my subscriber list this week and sent out an email to selected recipients that started like this:  “Ever see the movie, The Purge? Don’t. It’s a terrible movie. I can’t believe they made more than one, two more actually. Anyway, this email is going out to subscribers who haven’t opened any emails forContinue reading “The Purge (Subscribers): Quality over Quantity”