Music Monday: Lullaby (an original)

Ten months ago. That’s when I started my series on composition—well my way of doing things. Call me unorthodox—Go ahead, it’s OK. In five weeks I described my process of coming up with an idea for a piece, expanding and revising it, then putting it together, writing it down (cuz I’m gonna forget it), andContinue reading “Music Monday: Lullaby (an original)”

Music Monday: If you haven’t heard it already…

Every so often, I like to share my music page link. Many people read my posts, but unless they visit my website, they don’t see the other things that I have created. Most of the recording is not studio quality (since it wasn’t done in a studio), and recording isn’t something I enjoy doing,Continue reading “Music Monday: If you haven’t heard it already…”

Music Monday: Opus 6 – Progress

I sat down the other day and was able to write a few potential transitions to get me from one part to the next. There are so many different forms that a piece of classical music can take. Some take the forms of dances: Gavotet, Mazurka, Allemande, while others are named for their tempo: Allegro,Continue reading “Music Monday: Opus 6 – Progress”

Music Monday: Places (acoustic guitar)

I hope you have been enjoying my composition series Opus 1 through 5. The next one will follow once I have all the parts connected into a cohesive piece of music. How long does that take? Beats me, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I’ll share a project I have been working on called Places.Continue reading “Music Monday: Places (acoustic guitar)”

Music Monday: Opus 4-Writing it Down

When I started my musical education journey, I didn’t have the advantages of computer transcription programs. There was no easy access to popular sheet music. Other that a few guitar magazines, if I wanted to learn a song, I had to get a recording and learn it by ear. That’s not an altogether bad thing—it’sContinue reading “Music Monday: Opus 4-Writing it Down”

Music Monday: Opus 3 – Decomposing Composition

How do I compose? Probably the wrong way and the slowest way ever… I wish I could say that I can hear the music in my head then play it or write it down. I can’t. Not even close. The lucky ones can. I can’t even play the same thing twice in a row sometimes.Continue reading “Music Monday: Opus 3 – Decomposing Composition”