Tuesday Tidbits: Childhood Everlasting

I started re-reading my Calvin and Hobbes books. If you have never heard of them, it is a comic strip created by Bill Waterson about a young boy and his stuffed tiger. There is no doubt in Calvin’s mind that Hobbes is real. As a reader, there is no doubt either. Along with the shenanigansContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: Childhood Everlasting”

Funny Fridays: When Does This Become That?

I started this a few weeks ago, so now I feel compelled to come up with something to amuse readers each week. As you may have noticed before in some of my earlier posts, I have an odd sense of humor, which borders on the surreal at times. If this is your first time here,Continue reading “Funny Fridays: When Does This Become That?”