Weird Wednesday Dec. 21: Shortest (or longest) day of the year.

Since I live in the northern hemisphere, I’ll stick with what I know. If you are trying to get your RDI of vitamin D from the sun, you are out of luck. Science says: If your shadow is longer than your height then the sun’s rays are to weak for your body to effectively produceContinue reading “Weird Wednesday Dec. 21: Shortest (or longest) day of the year.”

Weird Wednesday Nov. 30: Lookin’ out for #1 or #10 or …?

Whatever ranking you want to hit on the Amazon book charts, you have to sell a lot of books, unless … Unless?What if I wrote a Sci-fi Kindle eBook based on the TV show Dr. Who?Yeah. Like there’s a category for that.There is: Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > ScienceContinue reading “Weird Wednesday Nov. 30: Lookin’ out for #1 or #10 or …?”

Weird Wednesday Nov. 23: Football to Fibonacci

When I hear the word ‘football’, I immediately think: 🏈. I can’t help it. But during 99% of the North American game, the ball is nowhere near the foot. When 99% of the world’s population hear the word ‘football’, I’m sure they think: ⚽. Where the ball is moved 90% of the time by theContinue reading “Weird Wednesday Nov. 23: Football to Fibonacci”

Weird Wednesday Nov. 16: Cartoons/Winter

Snow tires, block heaters, and ice scrapers, oh my! If you have no idea what any of these items are, then you probably live in warmer climates. If you do know what these are, then you are probably wondering “Why the heck do I live here?”Cuz that’s where your job is?Good point.Family?OK, OK. Got it.Continue reading “Weird Wednesday Nov. 16: Cartoons/Winter”

Weird Wednesday Nov. 9: Cartoons/Sports

If you are a runner, then you can justify watching 2 hours of a Marathon on TV and actually enjoy it. If you are not, then you will probably shake your hear and say, “I don’t get it” and go back to watching 4 consecutive days of golf, a week of tennis, or the mostContinue reading “Weird Wednesday Nov. 9: Cartoons/Sports”