Weird Wednesday March 22: It’s a sh*#y spring, and Cartoons

Is it Spring yet? Doesn’t feel like it other than the sun’s rays have a bit more oomph. The last few days the temperature dipped to -17 C. Still a chill in the air. I suppose the first sign of spring is when you see how many irresponsible and lazy dog owners their are byContinue reading “Weird Wednesday March 22: It’s a sh*#y spring, and Cartoons”

Weird Wednesday Feb 15: Cartoons, Aliens and Spellcheck. Oh, my.

They are not called UFOs anymore. Now they are called UAPs. Great. Now I have to spell aerial and phenomenon without getting the red squiggly line broadcasting that I can’t spell worth s#!@. I suppose the reasoning behind the change is that all objects are phenomenon (phenomenea?) but not all phenomenon are objects. Either way,Continue reading “Weird Wednesday Feb 15: Cartoons, Aliens and Spellcheck. Oh, my.”

Weird Wednesday Feb 1: Cartoons and Temperature

Water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit). OK, then when water boils at 100 degrees C, then the Fahrenheit equivalent should be 132, right? ( 32 + 100 more degrees). Nope. 212 F. OK, then if (212 – 32) /100 = 1.8, then there are 1.8 Fahrenheit degrees in each Celsius degree. EasyContinue reading “Weird Wednesday Feb 1: Cartoons and Temperature”

Weird Wednesday Jan 25: Quotes and Cartoons

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Often credited to be from Albert Einstein, but I think it was said by a writer trying to format a word document. I was trying to insert a few images into my document (mistake #1) and then convert that document into anContinue reading “Weird Wednesday Jan 25: Quotes and Cartoons”

Weird Wednesday Jan 11: Word Count

When I finished the last chapter of my novella, The Final View, I did a word count. The result? 28,000. Now that’s a fun experience. But then one of my beta readers spotted an error and now it’s 28 001. That’s like trying to squeeze a bit more gas into the tank and having toContinue reading “Weird Wednesday Jan 11: Word Count”

Weird Wednesday Dec. 28: Almost year-end.

Do you like year end lists? Do you set goals for the new year? Resolutions? Sorry. You don’t have to answer that. I’m just rambling. I can’t remember the late time I made a New Year’s resolution, and I set goals throughout the year. So I got that covered.  Is it be selfish to sayContinue reading “Weird Wednesday Dec. 28: Almost year-end.”