Weird Wednesday

Getting close to being caught up with all “The Miniscules” to date. There will be a few more Wednesdays before you will be getting the current weekly serving of hilarity. Of course, you can always catch Miniscule Monday on Instagram @lines_by_leon No verse for the creatures this week, just a query. Hope you enjoy myContinue reading “Weird Wednesday”

Weird Wednesday

Last Wednesday I shared the origins trailer that I put together: “The Miniscules: Origins” .I’ll let you get caught up. Back? Nice. Here is the next installment of the Miniscules recap. And finally, no Weird Wednesday would be complete without some “creatures” Weird enough for ya? -Leon

Weird Wednesday: The Miniscules-Origins

When I started The Miniscules it was just an avenue for some strange ideas that I had in my head. sometimes they got into predicaments because of their size, then later they became embroiled with current events. With a bit of time on my hands, and in answer to many queries like, “Where did theContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: The Miniscules-Origins”

Weird Wednesday: More Miniscules + Creatures.

Continuing the evolution of my “artistic” side. Some ideas are poignant, others come from everyday situations, the last one was inspired by all the sports repeats in 2020. You can see that I haven’t figured out where to put the web link: I started a “Miniscules: Origins” movie. I got as far as a trailerContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: More Miniscules + Creatures.”

Weird Wednesday: More Miniscules

So, in my attempt to catch you up on a year of “The Miniscules”, I submit a few more from my website (yes, they are all there-you don’t have to wait). You can see when the Covid-19 crisis hit. A lot of things were different. I wrote a Homeschooling article on Homeschooling : It doesn’tContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: More Miniscules”

Weird Wednesday: More Miniscules

Sometimes humor can make you laugh out loud, chuckle, snicker, giggle, smile, smirk, purse your lips, furrow your brow, or shake your head. As I have written before, humor is subjective (read my previous post here: Humor/Humour) and it is so diverse from the silly to the “I can’t believe you said that” to theContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: More Miniscules”

Weird Wednesday: The Miniscules

I like to sketch and draw, but for some reason, I could not consistently draw people-or cartoons. Not being one to give up, I decided to give up. But, I had all these oddly humorous situations that needed an outlet. So I came up with “The Miniscules”. Some of the situations encountered were inspired byContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: The Miniscules”