Free Book Friday: Author’s Newsletters- Worth the free book?

What is your experience with free books from authors? Many of the offerings from the promotional campaigns that I are involved with through BookFunnel and StoryOrigin are “reader magnets”, short sample books of an author’s work. Sometimes they are like the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon book pages (the first 10% of a book), oftenContinue reading “Free Book Friday: Author’s Newsletters- Worth the free book?”

Bad Luck Free Book Friday the 13th?

Are you superstitious? Did anything bad ever happen to you on Friday the thirteenth? I’m not superstitious, but I won’t walk under a ladder – that’s just dangerous. Here are a few common ones: The Number 13: With the exception of the horror movie(s), nothing bad happens in Friday the 13th, does it? Some hotelsContinue reading “Bad Luck Free Book Friday the 13th?”

Free Book Friday: BookFunnel makes its debut!

Similar to StoryOrigin, BookFunnel allows authors to advertise their books to each other’s audience. I decided to give it a try because all exposure helps. I have connected with some authors through StoryOrigin and have already done the same on this new platform. Coming on Monday, don’t miss a conversation with poet/writer/composer Abigail de Niverville. IContinue reading “Free Book Friday: BookFunnel makes its debut!”