Book Reviews

“Hey, Leon. You often talk about the importance of book reviews. Why don’t you post your reviews?”“I do.”“You do?”“I just said I did, didn’t I?”“I haven’t seen any here.”“I don’t post them here.”“Where are they?”“On my Goodreads page.”“Oh. OK. Where’s that then?”“I just told you.”“Gotcha.” I usually write something about the books I have readContinue reading “Book Reviews”

More on Reviews: I Didn’t Like Your Book This Much, She Said.

What did you call me? Ohh, More – on. Most book rating sites will include a rubric-or classification scale-to tell the reader how to rate a book. These rubrics can vary from site to site: I didn’t like it Bad Really, not good 1 Star Blaah It was OK Disappointing Not so good 2 StarContinue reading “More on Reviews: I Didn’t Like Your Book This Much, She Said.”

The Importance of Reviews

(The Ongoing Journey of a Writer) “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” What’s going to make you pick it up? How do people choose the books they read? Some will stick to the authors they like to read, an interesting cover can make you choose a book-or at least read the blurb before decidingContinue reading “The Importance of Reviews”