Free Book Friday July 22: More poetry books to review (plus a survey)

Do you still conduct interviews?Yes.Any coming soon?There will be a few in August.Got anything fun to do?How about: Cover contest I entered The View from Here in a cover of the week contest which is essentially a “Who-has-the-most-amount-of-followers-it-doesn’t-matter-what-the-cover-looks-like” contest (see where this is going?). Vote for The View from Here at Author Shout / Cover Wars Can I vote once aContinue reading “Free Book Friday July 22: More poetry books to review (plus a survey)”

Free Book Friday July 15: Poetry book to review

I decided to try out a free course on Amazon ads. So far, there is a lot of information that I already knew, and thankfully a few things I did not. So, i have been spending my mornings watching each video and doing the homework. Which also means I don’t feel like writing anything new.Continue reading “Free Book Friday July 15: Poetry book to review”

Free Book Friday July 8: Review copies available

Do you like reading? Of course you do. You’re doing it right now. Do you like free books? That’s a no-brainer. Do you like writing reviews? Well, I admit, it does take some work, and research shows that only about 5-10% of readers will leave a book review for a book they purchase. Do youContinue reading “Free Book Friday July 8: Review copies available”

Monday Musings: Author’s Comments

I recently ran a promo with Itsy Bitsy Book Bits which gave their pool of reviewers free access to my poetry book. I unfortunately did not see any sales, but the reviews that I received put my BookBub total to 21, Goodreads to 37, and Amazon to 14. This made me ponder the appropriateness ofContinue reading “Monday Musings: Author’s Comments”

Reviewers Needed: Poetry book

I set a goal last month to get 10 new reviews for each of my books. I didn’t get there, so I’ll put out the offer once again. Since it is National Poetry Month, I would like to submit my first book for consideration. So far it has been well received with an average ratingContinue reading “Reviewers Needed: Poetry book”