Tuesday Tidbits: NaPoWriMo (Day whatever) / Free book update

Oh, grumpy cat . . . I decided not to pressure myself to write 30 poems this month. It’s pretty nice, but here is one I wrote on day three: Free book promo: I recently ran a free book promotion for my new poetry collection, A Wonder of Words. Like many self published authors, IContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: NaPoWriMo (Day whatever) / Free book update”

Book Marketing: Spend money, make money?

The other day I was updating some information on my Amazon book page and I noticed this:    Then yesterday:  It’s just my free sample book, but #5 in the free-short-poetry-reads-45- minutes category is pretty cool. I wasn’t happy with the cover resolution so I did a full revision on the book and republished. adding aContinue reading “Book Marketing: Spend money, make money?”