Open Book Blog Hop Dec 27: Dinner Guest(s)

Thanks to P.J Maclayne for today’s topic. If you could invite anyone in  the world to be your dinner guest, who would you invite? You could open a book or Google to gain knowledge of a person, but I think to have an opportunity to sit down with someone in your home, in a coffeeContinue reading “Open Book Blog Hop Dec 27: Dinner Guest(s)”

Monday Musing: Open Book Blog Hop

Welcome to this week’s blog hop. Today the topic is: How do you feel about the use of profanity, either in your stories or in what you read? I tend not to use profanity in my writing, as I don’t often use it in my normal conversation. I know, I know, a writer should beContinue reading “Monday Musing: Open Book Blog Hop”

On Writing: The Junk Drawer of Ideas

(Thanks, Stevie Turner, for the inspiration for this post! ) Everybody has at least one. Only one if they are lucky. One in the kitchen (pencils, twist-ties, battteries, keys, etc.), one in the workshop (old bolts, screws, extra IKEA parts, allen wrenchs), well, you get the idea. Writers are the same. I know I alwaysContinue reading “On Writing: The Junk Drawer of Ideas”