Weekend Wrap-up Feb 5: It just keeps snowing.

We just had the most amount of snow in a month . . . ever. And look! It’s snowing again. I had already moved the Matterhorn beside the walk to the middle of the yard because I couldn’t throw the snow any higher. The walk is more like a canyon, its sides getting close toContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up Feb 5: It just keeps snowing.”

Blogging Advice and Questions: OK, neither (just answers).

Thanks to Maggie for the prompt (Blogging Advice and Questions). It gave me a reason not to do the other things I had planned. Do you respond to every comment, even if it is just an emoji?Yes. Even a ‘like’ let’s the commenter know that you have read and appreciate the interaction. Are there styles,Continue reading “Blogging Advice and Questions: OK, neither (just answers).”

Weekend Wrap-up Dec 4: The Increment Excident

The Increment Excident I stopped by a friend’s place to check on the dog. After a brisk walk, I kindly directed her to take care of her business as her owner would not be home until later. Having thoroughly explaining the situation, she proceeded to take her number 2. Now, keep in mind that sheContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up Dec 4: The Increment Excident”

Weekend Wrap-up Nov. 27

NaNoWriMo Totals to Date: 16 664 words (17 264 if you count the forward that I wrote and and some duplicate paragraphs I found lurking at the bottom of the word doc.), 26 cups of coffee, one cup of Earl Grey, one cup of tea (unknown), two glasses of Rum & Coke, one glass ofContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up Nov. 27”

Weekend Wrap-up / NaNoWriMo Day 13

NaNoWriMo Totals to Date: 8218 words, 12 cups of coffee, one cup of Earl Grey, one cup of tea (unknown), one glass Rum &Coke, one glass of cabernet, and a half-pint of a Session IPA. I had a few author interview questionnaires to put together, so I got caught up on those. Now back toContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up / NaNoWriMo Day 13”

Weekend Wrap-up / NaNoWriMo Day 5

NaNoWriMo Update: 4168 words, 6 cups of coffee (will be 7 soon), and one glass of cabernet. Yes, that was my evening writing session. Other writing news: The novella I started last November is almost ready to go to my editor. Any other writers out there get tired of re-reading their story, looking for errors?Continue reading “Weekend Wrap-up / NaNoWriMo Day 5”

Weekend Wrap-up / Inktober Day 30 (Slither): Somewhat Spooky Saturday

All previous drawings: https://linesbyleon.com/inktober/ Weekend Wrap-up It’s Saturday. “Tell us something we don’t know…” When I realized that Halloween landed on a Sunday—how often does that happen? “More often than when it lands on Friday the 13th. Now, that would be spooky.” Well anyway, I decided to take advantage of the alliterative possibility, and createdContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up / Inktober Day 30 (Slither): Somewhat Spooky Saturday”

Weekend Wrap-up / Inktober Day 23 (Leak): What can you draw?

All previous drawings: https://linesbyleon.com/inktober/ I’ve been told I’m good at drawing hands. Well, the left hand…or the right hand when it’s holding a pen or pencil. I’m blown away by how some artists can draw with such realism. Talent? Of course. Practice? Definitely. So, any chance I get to draw a hand I’ll take. AskContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up / Inktober Day 23 (Leak): What can you draw?”

Weekend Wrap-up / Inktober Day 16 (Compass): The only constant is change.

All previous drawings: https://linesbyleon.com/inktober/ Anyone else caught off guard with the changes in the WordPress editor? My preview pane no longer opened in front of my editing page, and the font was different than if was before. Did I do something? Change a setting inadvertently? Nope. They changed it. Didn’t tell me, did they tellContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up / Inktober Day 16 (Compass): The only constant is change.”