Weird Wednesday: Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast

As I wait for my sourdough to rise, a thought came to mind: Flour + water = glue Flour + water + salt = glue the kids won’t eat Flour + water + salt + yeast = bread Where did the glue go? I have several recipes for bread, and most of them have justContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast”

Thursday Thoughts: Recipes – Just a serving suggestion?

I like to cook and bake. I try to make bread once a week, usually a baguette of a french loaf, but I got some rye flour, so I’m into rye bread for a while. My grandmother would make rye bread in her own way. My sister and I asked her for that recipe once,Continue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Recipes – Just a serving suggestion?”

Food for Thought: Fitter or Fatter?

Fitter fatter, let’s get ‘at her. I know that not being able to go out as much as usual is getting to many people. Physical distancing rules are a tough pill to swallow. And many activities have had to be curtailed. Throw in the winter weather-if you are so lucky to live where the seasonsContinue reading “Food for Thought: Fitter or Fatter?”