Weekend Wrap-up March 25: Can I rant? Of course I can (and will).

And of course it is about Amazon. The other day I noticed that my book prices had increased for 2 of my books: The first book should be $2.99 and is shown as $3.00, while the second went from $3.99 to $4.07. After several emails with KDP (Amazon’s publishing platform) and getting nowhere (of course),Continue reading “Weekend Wrap-up March 25: Can I rant? Of course I can (and will).”

Weekend Wrap-up March 11: It started with a … another Amazon fiasco.

“We are excited to inform you the following title(s) is included in the Prime Reading program on Amazon.com from 1-Mar-2023 to 31-May-2023. No action is required on your part. Title: The View from Here: A Science Fiction Novella(ASIN: B09PC3N678)” Great. So, on March 1st, I searched my book, but there was no indication that myContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up March 11: It started with a … another Amazon fiasco.”

Thursday Tirade: Amazon (yes, them again)

Cut and Run After two years of fighting with Amazon (don’t we all?), I finally decided to unpublish my poetry reader magnet from their platform. “Oh, no!” the Amazon executives exclaim. “An unknown indie author—and a poet no less—is taking their free book off of KDP. We are ruined!” [uproarious laughter] Yeah. I’m hitting themContinue reading “Thursday Tirade: Amazon (yes, them again)”

Free Book Friday / Inktober Day 8 (Watch): Looking out for #1? Right here.

Free books. Who doesn’t love ’em? [murmuring]“I do. Do you?”“Yeah. Maybe that guy over there?”“Maybe…” So, if you have been following the ongoing saga of the not-so-free-perma-free poetry book, you’ll know I have had a great time chatting with the wonderful CSRs over there at Amazon. But as they say, “Fifth times the charm.” IContinue reading “Free Book Friday / Inktober Day 8 (Watch): Looking out for #1? Right here.”

Tuesday Tirade / Inktober Day 5 (Raven): Amazon’s Algorithms

All previous drawings: https://linesbyleon.com/inktober/ It happened again. My free book on Amazon had been changed to the LPP (Lowest Possible Price) for the fifth time since I went through the process of getting it offered for free. All one has to do is to show that the book on Amazon is offered for a lowerContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade / Inktober Day 5 (Raven): Amazon’s Algorithms”

Tuesday Tirade: Yet Another Aggravation Courtesy of Amazon.

Everyone likes free. Free books bring readers into your world, and introduces them to your writing at no risk. Sure, they may have to sign-up for my newsletter—depending where they have heard of it, but that’s marketing. The first place I published my free sample eBook was on KOBO (now Rakutan-Kobo). It was pretty easyContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Yet Another Aggravation Courtesy of Amazon.”

Movin’ On Up: The Amazon Staircase

I’ve said it before – marketing is harder than writing. For indie authors it can be a full time job. Resaeching the best platforms to use, deciding where advertising money is best spent, and promoting your creations without being too pushy, or as one Goodreads group calls it “bookwhacking” I recently updated my free poetryContinue reading “Movin’ On Up: The Amazon Staircase”

More Free Fiascos: Perma-free on Amazon

Have you ever tried to make your book perma-free on Amazon? I finally did a few weeks ago…or thought I did. Well, it was free. Then about a week later I just happened to be checking my pages (hint: good idea), and noticed that it was back to $0.99. So I email them, and itContinue reading “More Free Fiascos: Perma-free on Amazon”