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Movin’ On Up: The Amazon Staircase

I’ve said it before – marketing is harder than writing. For indie authors it can be a full time job. Resaeching the best platforms to use, deciding where advertising money is best spent, and promoting your creations without being too pushy, or as one Goodreads group calls it “bookwhacking”

I recently updated my free poetry book on Amazon, changed my keywords using Publisher Rocket, and was finally able to make it perma-free. I posted the free status on a few platforms and after a day or so I noticed this:

#1, #4, and #5 is something I never thought I would see! It only took ~75 downloads to reach that ranking. Now, fingers crossed, some of those readers will become buyers – I think the conversion is 5-10% – and they’ll tell two friends, who will tell two friends… Free Kindle version:

Get ready for National Poetry Month and support indie authors!

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More Free Fiascos: Perma-free on Amazon

Yeah. I used the cat again…

Have you ever tried to make your book perma-free on Amazon? I finally did a few weeks ago…or thought I did. Well, it was free. Then about a week later I just happened to be checking my pages (hint: good idea), and noticed that it was back to $0.99.

So I email them, and it gets corrected…or so I thought. Well, it was free – for a while.

So I email them again (today), and it gets corrected. I guess the note: “We retain discretion over determining our retail prices.” means: “We can change it back at anytime without telling you, so that all the readers you told about your free book are now annoyed with you. Have a nice day.”

Want the Kindle Version? Get it while it’s free. It does have a few funnies that are not in the full book:

When will the price get reset again?

  • One day- 20:1
  • One week – 10:1
  • One month- 5:1
  • Never? 100000000:1