Book Marketing: Spend money, make money?

The other day I was updating some information on my Amazon book page and I noticed this:    Then yesterday:  It’s just my free sample book, but #5 in the free-short-poetry-reads-45- minutes category is pretty cool. I wasn’t happy with the cover resolution so I did a full revision on the book and republished. adding aContinue reading “Book Marketing: Spend money, make money?”

Amazon Ads: Here, Mr. Bezos, take my money and run.

Now that Mr. Bezos has stepped down, I’ll do a little bitching. Are creating Amazon ads making you want to bang your head on the wall? No? Then you’re not doing it right, I guess. It took me almost two weeks to get an ad running on Amazon. Now, this wasn’t my first attempt–several hadContinue reading “Amazon Ads: Here, Mr. Bezos, take my money and run.”

Music Monday: Sell-out or Just Business?

A few news stories have come out over the last few weeks about musicians selling the rights to their song catalogs. Now, this is nothing new, one of the first bombshells was when Michael Jackson purchased some of The Beatles songs – which I believe were repurchased years later. Recently, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, andContinue reading “Music Monday: Sell-out or Just Business?”